Hello, my name is Bogna ! I have over 20 years of experience doing hair. Hair has always been my passion. I devote a lot of thought into everything I do. The needs of my clients are something I always take into consideration when working with someone. My experience in the hair and fashion world continue to surprise and inspire me. Ultimately , this is what led me to launch my career. I was inspired to bring sophistication , glamour & luxury back into the salon environment but meanwhile making it a relaxed and intimate experience for all my clients. I wanted the experience to feel as if one was entering a home-like environment. I want to make everyone feel beautiful with a combination of both, an individuals and my vision for his or her hair. At my salon I want to see my guests evolve their hair style to what is trendy and current, yet manageable with their own busy daily routine. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and beautiful in how he or she looks. I want to help you achieve that.